Where can I find my Results

All Results are posted to our Results Section at http://www.bermudatiming.bm/

Is the starting line format any different than for a non-chip timed race?

No. It is exactly the same.

When does BTS Show up on Race day?

Two hours prior to the start of your event.

This gives us plenty of time to set-up the timing and scoring equipment, finish line arch, finish chute and time clock.

Bermuda Timing Systems also requires that we be listed on the “Waiver and Release” section of any paper race application which must be signed by all participants.

The better question is: “How important is it to have fast and accurate results?”

Considering that the race results are the last thing your athletes will remember about your event, doesn’t it make sense to use the fastest, most accurate method available to score a race?

How are the timing chips distributed to participants?

For running/walking events, the bib numbers provided to participants will have a disposable chip affixed to the back of the bib number.
For Triathlon and Obstacle events, a physical chip is provided which is affixed to the participants ankle with Velcro straps.
For Cycling events a physical chip is provided which is affixed to the front fork of the bicycle.

(Whilst bib numbers may be handed out prior to race morning, physical chips for Triathlon, Obstacle and Cycling are typically only handed out race morning)

We provide alphabetized lists of all pre-registered athletes to the Race Director. These alphabetized lists contains the full name, assigned chip / bib number (same number with our system), event type, gender and age for each pre-registered athlete. When pre-registered athletes check in, the volunteers look at these lists to provide participants with their assigned bib number and or physical chip.

What is the sequence of events related to scoring my event which Bermuda Timing Provide?

Every event has a closing date to accept entries, after this date, there is typically a late fee and such entries are considered late entries, including some events, which have a same day entry i.e. the same day as the event. These details are agreed between the Race Director and Bermuda Timing Systems Limited and are disclosed wherever entry details are displayed e.g. online.https://racedayworld.com/

The entry details displayed (e.g. online) will also show where and how bib numbers and or timing chips are to be collected (distributed).

Typically, once the event close date is reached, Bermuda Timing Systems will download from the online systems into the scoring systems. By agreement with the Race Director, any Paper entries should also be now within the online system having been entered directly from the paper entry form (this is the responsibility of the Race Director, Bermuda Timing Systems does not do this)

Once the information is in the scoring system, Bermuda Timing Systems will arrange for all of the information necessary for any number pickup (Chip Distribution) which may include affixing labels to bib numbers and printing the alphabetical lists.

Bermuda Timing typically will be present at any number pick up (hand out) to help manage, bringing the necessary Bib Numbers, Lists and any tools that are helpful (e.e. Rulers, Highlighters etc)

In normal circumstances, whilst volunteers are needed to hand out pre-registered Bib Numbers (chips), Bermuda Timing Systems will handle and control any late (or same day) entries.

A typical event to be held on a Sunday, is a closing date of 6pm on Friday, and depending on the expected size of the event, number handout the day before or the morning of (less than 200 can be same day). Any entry after 6pm is considered late and charged extra (e.g. $5 more). The event is left open for late entry, and late numbers can be picked up at number handout whenever that occurs.

The event is then fully closed prior to the start of the event and scored.